The federal shutdown and American governance

I admit I am not a huge supporter of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).  I criticized President Obama for pursuing it when the country was trying to rebound from the economic crisis. I questioned it’s effect on the health care industry since it is already in dire straits and whether or not it would actually help Americans rather than put more money in the government’s pocket.  But the president pursued it and it passed both houses of Congress.  When the Republicans tried to challenge it, the United States Supreme Court affirmed it.  Whether I like it or not (and my concerns still remain), the Affordable Care Act has passed every benchmark test of American democracy and is valid law and any challenge to it should be done in the format accorded in American law.

So for the Republicans to use the health care law as a bargaining chip to stop the government because they cannot have their way is deplorable and millions of innocent Americans are suffering needlessly.  The Democrats deserve their share of the blame but for the Republicans to bring the federal government to a grinding halt over a law that has been proclaimed valid is inexcusable and makes the entire American democratic system look bad because the government is in essence imploding on itself.

If the president backs down on the Affordable Healthcare Act, he could back down any law the Republicans do not like–marriage equality, Voting Rights, women’s health, the list goes on.  The US would officially become an oligarchy.

I have never been a fan of Obama, but this shutdown has the potential to make America (and him) look more debilitated than any foreign policy crisis.  Unfortunately, the situation could get worse with another standoff on the debt ceiling hitting a climax next week which commentators are saying is much worse than the shutdown.

Many have brought up we’ve had previous shut downs and my response to that is unlike the last one we’re in an economic recession that contrary to what the media tells us is not going away.

Just think about a month ago we were debating going to war in Syria.