Death of Nelson Mandela begins a new era?

I realize I’m very late to this, but Final Exams had me very busy and I needed some time to reflect on this and really consider what I want to say.

South Africa has laid it’s ‘father of the nation’ to rest, and now the country must move on and try to live the dream Madiba sacrificed 27 years of his life in prison, among other things, to achieve.  Curious that South Africa has national elections coming up in 2014.

But there is also talk about where the world goes from here, post-Madiba.

It’s interesting that Madiba was born in 1918, when World War I was ending and the world was forever changed.  On the day Nelson Mandela died, Fareed Zakaria noted his death seems like the end of an era.  For one, there is no world leader with the level of respect, reverence and public profile he had.  Second, the world wide fight to end apartheid was the last time the world truly came together for one common goal.  In today’s day and age, countries largely keep to themselves–pretty ironic in a world economy as globalized as it was before pre-1914.

The world is not the same place it was in 1990 or even in 2000.  The balance of power is shifting and will continue to do so.  The United States, while remaining the world’s pre-eminent power does not have the same influence it did post-World War II.  India and China are rising powers, many African economies collectively are slowly awakening to their potential, and Europe is struggling to stay relevant amid recovery from the worst economic recession since the Great Depression.

All of this makes one wonder, what direction is the world going in?  How will the geopolitical landscape unfold itself?  I don’t think anyone knows or has all the answers, but what is clear is that the world is undergoing enormous change.


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